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75 cl
150 cl

Fine and very floral on the nose, beautifully complex palate with aromas of peach and apricot, this wine should be enjoyed as an aperitif.

  • Grape variety : VIOGNIER
  • Granite plateau soil, South, South-East exposure.
  • Vines from 15 to 20 years old.
  • Average yields : 50 hl / ha.
  • Wine-making process : Manual harvest.
  • Destemmed harvest for a skin maceration of 18 hours.
  • Vinification in vats with temperature control.
  • Keeping : To be enjoyed in its youth .
  • Tasting :
  • ► Visual : A beautiful GOLD characterizes the dress and thick tears.
  • ► Olfactory : The aromatic bouquet is complex with notes of white and yellow fruits that reach us as in a compote of 'apricots, suggesting a slight sweetness as well as a floral touch (broom).
  • ►  Tasteful : The impression left by the olfaction is modified for an attack on the palate full of liveliness and freshness which will accentuate the generosity of the fruity flavors and give this wine an appreciated taste length.
  • ► Food and wine pairing :
  • - The aperitif suits him very well.
  • - Try it with a Tajine in which we will not forget to put apricots and it will be a treat!
  • - Asparagus will be satisfied to let themselves be sublimated by this wine.
  • - It will go well with your apricot and yellow peach tarts.
  • - Duck breast with roasted peaches, dried fruits. Serve a fresh faisselle (with a spoonful of jam) afterwards, it will still be present.



Shale is a rock that can be either clayey sedimentary or metamorphic. This rock has a flaky appearance, it can be cut into a "rocky sheet"

Shallow weathered granite

Velay granites and light mignatites


Not very stony alluvial loess


The blue vine is a plot of vines planted with Viogner in the Saint Joseph vineyard, the soil is composed of gravel, rotten rocks, schists. The exposure is East, the slope of very low.

The plot was planted in 1982.

The grape is used for IGP Rhone Hills.

Materre is a plot of plateau vines planted with Viogner, the soil is sandy. The exposure is Full South, the slope of 30%.
The plot was planted in 2000.

The grape is used for IGP Rhone Hills.