Pierre Finon: a story, a man, a passion

The Caprice of Heloise

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75 cl
150 cl

Selection of a plot located in an old granite quarry. All in finesse, this cuvée can be enjoyed with red meat or on its own for pleasure.

  • Grape variety : SYRAH
  • Selection of a plot located in an old granite quarry, coarse sand.
  • 35 to 40 year old vines planted around and inside an old granite quarry.
  • Plot selection.
  • Manual harvest.
  • Average yields : 35 hl / ha.
  • Wine-making process : Destemmed harvest.
  • 23-day vatting with one punching per day.
  • Aging in oak barrels between 18 months to 20 months: 10% new barrels and the rest, barrels of 2 to 3 wines.
  • Keeping : Enjoy from 4 to 10 years.


  • Tasting :
  • ► Visual : Brilliant ruby ​​with reflections in three bands: red, blue and purple. The tears are numerous and fill the glass well.
  • ► Olfactory : An aromatic bouquet of red fruits dominates the first nose: raspberry, cherry, etc ... then make way for a herbal tea with spices or pepper, cinnamon, liquorice: to your good heart! It's elegant, it's fresh, it's subtle.
  • ► Tasteful : The elegance of this wine is confirmed throughout a "PLEASURE" tasting. A red fruit jam gives you velvet in your palate, embellished with spicy notes that make the emotion of pleasure last!
  • Fortunately, the length of this wine allows you to appreciate all its qualities a little longer: and so much the better!
  • ► Food and wine pairing :
  • - He deserves at least one ROSSINI tournedos.
  • - A roasted BRESSE poultry (a real one!).
  • - A leg of lamb.
  • - A jig of venison, grand veneur sauce.
  • - Doe steak with cranberries.
  • - Veal (filet mignon with chanterelles) ...



Not very stony alluvial loess


Vignes maures is a plot of hillside vines located in the commune of Félines, planted with Syrah grape variety in the Saint Joseph vineyard, the soils are sandy, shallow filtering, mainly composed of granite arena. The exposure is south, the slope of 35%.

The plot was planted in 1978, in 2003 it was extended over the quarry and a new plantation was made.

The grape is used for the AOP Saint Joseph red, in particular the Caprice d'Héloïse.