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Saint-Joseph blanc "Quatuor" 2019

Wine type :


Available in :

75 cl
150 cl

  • Grapes varieties : 50% Marsanne, 50% Roussanne.
  • Soil of granitic nature covered with gneiss and decaying schists.
  • 4 plots go into its production.
  • Average yields : 40 hl / ha.
  • Keeping : Enjoy 3 to 5 years.

Taste pairings

Vintage name

Saint-Joseph blanc "Quatuor" 2019


► Visual: Gold color, shiny with tears that have just hung on the glass wall.

► Olfactory: The floral aromas of acacia and the more discreet one, of hawthorn, surround a palette of white and dry fruits, revealing a fresh note slightly "anise" (fennel).

► Gustative: The length supported by an alcohol present will reveal a harmonious complexity. Smoothness adds elegance to this Saint-Joseph Blanc. It will go perfectly with many dishes or to taste alone, only for pleasure ...

► Food and wine pairings:
- When it is the season, think of asparagus in different forms: steamed, au gratin, roasted, etc ...
- White meats: poultry, veal (cream)
- Sweetbread, quenelle, mushrooms.
- The fish will know how to accompany it too:
- Mediterranean red mullet.
- Monkfish or other fish.
- Cheeses such as: Saint-Félicien, Picodon "ripe", Chaource, Brillât, Brillât Savarin etc ...
Or to surprise: Fried Camembert, without forgetting, Vol au Vent with different garnishes.
- A Tarte Tatin with salted butter caramel ice cream.

Grape harvest

Manual harvest.
Destemmed harvest for skin maceration for 24 hours.
Vinification in oak barrels with temperature control.
Aging on lees and regular stirring for 6 months.