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Rosé Syrah

Vintage :

Syrah Rosé 2018

Wine type :


Available in :

75 cl
150 cl

  • Grape variety : SYRAH.
  • Granite plateau soil, South, South-East exposure.
  • Wine-making process :
  • Manual harvest.
  • Bloodletting wine, made from IGP Syrah.
  • Unlike pressed rosés, where the paleest possible color is sought, bleeding rosé consists of letting the clear juice macerate in contact with the skins so that they bring a more sustained color.
    All over the skin. the difficulty is not to let it sit too long at the risk of "tipping over" on the tastes of red wine. This is why we carry out a 12 to 14 hour vatting to work in complete serenity.
  • Once the color is obtained, part of the juice located under the pomace cake made up of skins that float on the must is extracted.
    This puncture is called bleeding.
    The partial sampling at the bottom of the tank keeps the fineness of the juices.
    Taken too close to the "marc cake", the juices remain in direct contact with the skins, would be less elegant and "harder" and would approach the tastes of red wines.
  • Tasting : This Rosé Syrah is a gourmet wine, with the crunchiness of fresh red fruits. It is a fresh and tangy delicacy.
  • Ideal as an aperitif, with salads and cold meats, a barbecue in season or a fish with spices.
  • Guard : Ready to drink.



Picardel is a plot of plateau vines planted with Syrah grape variety, the soil is composed of granites and metamorphic schists. The exposure is south, the slope of 25%.
The plot was planted in 1999.

The grape is used for IGP Rhone Hills.