Pierre Finon: a story, a man, a passion

We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

To respect the environment, we practice a reasoned culture. We maintain a natural grass cover and move towards a moderate use of inputs.

The domain is in the process of H.V.E. (High Environmental Value).

Plowing, pruning, digging ... we are in our vines every day.

Leaf stripping and green harvests allow yields to be controlled and the plant in good health to be maintained by aeration of the bunches.

Respect for nature

  • We practice as few treatments as possible (3 to 5 per year). We do not use any insecticides; today we practice a fight by mating confusion, a practice respectful of the environment and the auxiliary fauna of the vigoble.

  • All this characterizes a culture and a respect for the balance of the soil.


"I know nothing serious here below that the culture of the vine." Voltaire