Pierre Finon: a story, a man, a passion

"Wine is one of man's great successes in turning a perishable fruit into something permanent." Jean Arlott

Our expertise

Alcoholic fermentations in white

The grapes are harvested by hand and carefully sorted in the vineyard.

On arrival at the cellar, the harvest is partially or 100% destemmed, depending on the vintage.

The whites are pressed as soon as they are arrived at the cellar, it follows a settling of 24 hours. The alcoholic and malolactic fermentations are made directly in barrels for the Saint-Joseph blanc and the Condrieu. Regular stirring is done.

The Vins de Pays, for their part, remain in stainless steel vats.

All these operations are carried out with temperature control.

Alcoholic fermentations in red

The small capacity vats allow us to make a parcel vinification of the reds.

We adapt our work to measure (reassembly, unballasting or possibly punching down). Each terroir can thus express itself.

Alcoholic fermentations are more easily controlled, they last about 3 weeks.

Red grapes

"Wine is the son of the sun and the earth." Paul Claudel