Pierre Finon: a story, a man, a passion

Grandfathers and grandmothers are treasures of our family history.
From mixed farming to vines

In the middle of the 19th century , Marius Fauconnet, who was a worker at the Château de Charnas, took over land.

He died on the front lines during the war of 14-18, leaving a widow and two daughters. They will successively marry Maurice "Marius" Finon who will have five daughters and two sons, including Marius.

Marius took over the operation in 1956 and developed aviculture at the very beginning of the sixties.

He developed the culture of vines and cultivated three hectares of Syrah and Gamay which he sold in bulk.

A passion that is passed on from father to daughter ...

  • In 1983 , Pierre took up the torch and decided to switch to wine monoculture.
  • As the estate grew and new buildings came into being.
  • In 1994 , Pierre and Françoise get married and in 1995 , Héloïse points the tip of her nose. In 2011, she began her studies in the world of wine and joined the family estate in 2019 at the end of her training.
  • The succession is assured!
  • The size of the domain is increased to 15 hectares. On the different plots of the farm, we produce Syrah, Gamay, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier and very recently Merlot.

"All great passion is serious." Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Julie, or La nouvelle Héloïse (1761)